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The story of the parents, grandparents and young adults who have completed their home educating journey with Oikos all the way to tertiary. Click here to watch their video testimonies.

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Common Questions About Home Education


How will my children get a matric certificate if I homeschool them?

Answer – There are more ways than one to acquire school leaving certification. Matric is not the only way. Home educators have the opportunity to choose the best course available to them and their children for school leaving qualification. There are many options.

(Watch this course to gain understanding of how Oikos students prepare for tertiary.)


What about keeping up to standard and keeping the right grade levels for each of my children?

Answer – Just one of the many advantages of home educating is that each child is able to develop according to their very unique and individual abilities. Parents soon discover that not only are they able to keep their children’s education level ‘up to standard’ but they can exceed that due to one on one tuition which is to the child/children’s advantage.


I’m not a qualified teacher so how can I be sure I’m going to be able to teach correctly?

Answer – Think about this, thousands upon thousands of parents who do not have any kind of ‘teachers qualifications’ are successfully home educating their children. Most home school curricula cater for this very concern and so the curricula is written in a way to help parents teach. If you are a parent you are a teacher!

For more info relating to these concerns, please see our free courses: Top 10 Fears – Top 10 Treasures

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